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Our Story

Having access to health care and being able to afford medical treatment should be an unalienable right for every human across the world. Unfortunately, the founder and CEO of MD-ZIM Foundation, Marlyse DePaul Ngassam, experienced how access and affordability doesn't always equate to proper medical care. Her mother, Mama Zim, fell suddenly ill and was taken to one of the best medical facilities in Cameroon, and was expected to receive the best possible care money could buy. It came as a complete and utter shock when Marlyse's beloved mother was helplessly left to die due to inhumane treatment and sheer neglect. The bandages on Mama Zim's head were not changed for 11 days. Ultimately her mother's benign medical visit led to her untimely demise. As horrific and inhumane as the treatment towards her mother was, Marlyse came to understand that this sort of medical neglect is not unique to Cameroon or other developing countries. In Western societies medical neglect also occurs however the difference is that in Cameroon and other developing countries there is no accountability. Unable to pursue any legal action or hold anyone accountable for such blatantly outrageous medical neglect and unethical treatment was one of the catalysts that propelled the creation of MD-ZIM Foundation. Marlyse felt compelled to speak out against this utter disregard for human life so others would not have to endure a similar outcome. Mama Zim was deprived of the most basic type of kindness when she was the most vulnerable, which compelled Marlyse to launch a Campaign of Compassion in memory of this wonderful human being that she was fortunate enough to call "mother". This Campaign of Compassion is a platform to encourage kindness as a way of life. As a result of what happened to Mama Zim, MD-ZIM Foundation created the Patient Advocacy and Family Right to Information Initiative. More information about this initiative can be found here.


Another person who had a great influence on the creation of MD-ZIM Foundation was Marlyse's father, Papa Zim.
Papa Zim's legacy of love to all and service to all inspired many of MD-ZIM Foundation's initiatives. 


MD-ZIM Foundation was created to honor and carry on the legacy of Mapa Zim & Pama Zim. Their vision was to love all and to be of service to all. 

Both inspired and positively touched everyone they encountered in their lifetime.

The foundation's goal is to follow in their remarkable footsteps of love of all and of service to all.

The foundation aims to emulate the work, service and character of these two great individuals through its own actions and services. 





Marlyse De Paul Ngassam -Daughter Zim (pictured left)


Director of Development

Janice Zingay Gassam - Granddaughter Zim (pictured right)

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