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Leadership Programs

Mentoring Program


The purpose of this program is to provide mentoring for youth in local shelters in the Atlanta Metro area as well as in disenfranchised southern regions of Cameroon (Bamenda and Limbe). Youth are more likely to succeed when they have a caring adult in their life on a consistent basis. Our mentoring program offers coaching in addition to academic and career guidance.




Entrepreneurship Workshop

MD-ZIM Foundation offers youth an opportunity to make a difference in their respective communities through our Entrepreneurship workshops. 

Conflict Resolution Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to teach Cameroonian youth in disenfranchised parts of the Southern region different strategies and techniques on how to manage and resolve conflicts.


Workshops will be conducted by a trained professional who will show participants how to diffuse conflicts, how to effectively communicate and how to actively listen. 

Community Engagement Program


MD-ZIM Foundation brings members of the community together to discuss current events that affect their local communities. 


Trained community leaders will engage local residents in meaningful discussions to improve community conditions. 






Discussion Topics Include: 

  • Pathways to achieving personal and professional life goals

  • Perceptions of self vis-a-vis family, society, and world

  • Coping with societal and familial expectations, obligations, priorities, and responsibilities 

  • Silenced voices/silenced dreams

  • Massive Cameroonian migration

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