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Meet Our Team

Marlyse De Paul Ngassam, Ed.S.


Marlyse was born in Douala, Cameroon and migrated to the U.S. as a young adult. She has had the privilege to travel and live in several different parts of the world. Living on three different continents has shaped Marlyse's interest in global issues. She has advanced degrees that focus on Intercultural Communication with a concentration in Africa, Caribbean, East Asia, and Latin America, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies, Human Relations and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. 

Marlyse is passionate about the role that education plays on cultural understanding and mutual tolerance. She is a fervent advocate of using education as a tool for global peace and social justice. Marlyse's personal and professional objective is to promote cultural understanding, awareness, competency, and tolerance through community engagement.

Today, Marlyse has switched gears from being in the traditional classroom setting as an educator to being a vehicle of service on an international platform. 

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Janice Zingay Gassam, Ph.D.

Director of Development

Janice Gassam is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Professor. She is passionate about uplifting and mentoring youth and believes that being an eternal optimist has greatly impacted her life. Janice is a big proponent of female empowerment and believes that instilling self-esteem and value in women starts at a young age. She uses her expertise in organizational psychology to help young adults with career coaching, public speaking, cultural communication.


Dr. Kimberly A. Stanfield

Director of Community Health

Kimberly Stanfield is Doctor of Pharmacy. During her pharmacy studies, she worked in several organizations that promoted diversity in healthcare and served a wide range of demographics. She currently works at Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center as the Deputy Chief Pharmacist. She volunteers her skills as a healthcare professional at various state health fairs and the 2018 Dominican Aid Society of Virginia mission trip. 

Tcheumadji Wouandeu, B.S.

Director of Programs

(Northwest Region)

Tcheumadji Wouandeu is a retired secondary school math teacher. Tcheumadji's extensive 30-year career has allowed him to gain a strong background in training, teaching, and mentoring youth. Although he is no longer in the classroom, his desire to help youth has never diminished. 

Tugwell Chadyiwanembwa

Tugwell Chadyiwanembwa has been a child protection and safeguarding specialist in Zimbabwe for over a decade. Currently a Plan International Zimbabwe Programs Coordinator, Tugwell's area of expertise extends to Social Work and International Relations. Tugwell has extensive additional experience in transformational development, juvenile justice, human security, emergency response, donor management, youth development, resource mobilization, project management, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and HIV & AIDS. Tugwell strives for a world that respects the rights of children and young people and strongly believes that there is fervent hope to make this world better for all individuals.

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