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Self-Identity Programs

Just as Beautiful Campaign

A doll gives a young child a tangible representation of themselves as a human being, therefore a doll can be a powerful agent of a child's self-identity and self-image. When there is no resemblance between a child and such a concrete representation of themselves, that child is deprived of the positive reinforcement that is critical in the development of self-esteem and self-love. 

MD-ZIM Foundation has launched the "Just as Beautiful" campaign which makes black dolls available to children in Cameroon and beyond. This campaign is a response to the urgent and dire need to uplift the child in their own eyes and to empower this child to hold their head high as they face the world around them. 

MD-ZIM Foundation's dolls are handcrafted and will be custom-made by youth starting in Spring 2019. Dolls are available for purchase in homeless shelters and children's hospitals in the Atlanta metro area. Dolls are also available for purchase beginning in early summer 2019. 

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